Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One week

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is doing well -- Mom and Dad leave for their 1st cruise this weekend and I am very excited for them!!   Good news --  I received my lost luggage yesterday J  I was very excited to have my own shampoo and toothpaste and the remainder of my clothing. On Saturday we went to the Bulrushes (Baby Watoto  -- which I loved) as well as a tour of one of the Watoto Villages. It was so awesome to see a little bit of Watoto  -- much more to see.  We are in the orientation phase of getting to know the area, the facilities and the course content. I am excited to get fully into it yet know that it will be very busy and challenging at times if not all the time. If you could pray for my breathing as I have symptoms of a sinus infection and am struggling to breathe as they burn their garbage as well as have tons of very polluting vehicles.   Will be posting more often.


  1. So good to read your post :D Thinking and praying for you often! What great news that you finally have ALL your luggage!! Can't wait to hear more about Bulrushes etc. You are experiences so much, so quickly. God is using you in a mighty way. We will continue to pray for you and especially for your breathing. May God be with you. Love the Groenewegens ^_^ P.S. We are excited about the cruise too! The count down is on LOL

  2. Just got home from our vacation Amanda. I almost feel guilty that you are there serving the Lord and suffering in poverty conditions and we were living in the lap of luxury. We were really blessed to have a wonderful family and friend vacation. Catching up on your notes.
    You are special.
    Auntie Ssk